Viet Nam Overview

Viet Nam is a Southeast Asian country, bordering China, Lao PDR, Cambodia and the East Sea. The population in Vietnam is currently more than 90 million (2014). Viet Nam has a long history of building and safeguarding itself over thousands of years. The country is also known for breathtaking natural beauty and cultural diversity with many historic sites that attract millions of tourists worldwide.

Since Viet Nam launched its “Doi Moi” policy in 1986, the country has become one of the fastest growing economies in the world over the last few decades.

Viet Nam Discovery in UK

Viet Nam Discovery is a series of important political, economic, and cultural events to be held in London from 10 –13 September 2015 to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Viet Nam – UK Strategic Partnership and the Platinum Jubilee of modern Viet Nam – the 70th birthday.

Viet Nam Discovery aims at raising Viet Nam’s profile, enhancing cultural exchange between Vietnamese and British people, and facilitating concrete cooperation in all areas, particularly in education, trade and investment.

Viet Nam Festival

The very first time in London, there is a cultural event to be organized uniquely, illustrating brightly the beauty and the intensiveness of the regional and national culture. The festival will bring up VIET NAM - a country with friendliness, charm and dynamism.

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VN Festival
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Viet Nam Economic Forum

The Forum will provide an excellent opportunity for U.K businesses exchange information with representatives from the government of Viet Nam and entrepreuners on economic situation, legal framework and investment opportunities in Viet Nam and to seek business partners.

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VN Economic forum
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Viet Nam − UKEducation Cooperation Forum

The Vietnam – UK Education Cooperation Forum aims at introducing the education environment in Vietnam, discussing challenges in internationalising education and opportunities for collaboration between Vietnam and the UK at all levels and sharing information about education collaboration projects. Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training, the Embassy of Vietnam and the British Council Vietnam are the official co-organisers of the forum.

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VN Education forum
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